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TMT Machinery Inc., Japan, is one of the pioneers for supply of machines and technical know-how for synthetic fibre production. TMT was formed after the merger of three leading Japanese manufacturers of Spinning and Texturizing machines namely Teijin Seiki, Murata Machinery & Toray Engineering. The name TMT is derived from the initials of the three manufacturers.
Product Range

Filament Spinning Machines
Complete spinning and take-up equipment for Polyester / Nylon POY and FDY yarn for
    Textile & Industrial yarn production.

Multi End MANTA Winders for FDY (24 end / 32 end)

Spinning and Take –Up equipment  for Technical & High Tenacity yarns for applications
    such as tyre cord, conveyer belts, fish nets, air bags, parachute fabrics and sewing
    threads etc.

Take up winder for Spandex yarn

Bi-component yarn (Conjugate yarn) spinning

Draw Texturising Machine
POY / FDY / IDY Spinning & Take-up
ATi- MANTA Take-up Winder
Draw Texturising Machines
These high speed draw texturising machines based on cutting edge technology come with the following features :

Flexibility to produce regular to hi-end speciality yarns.
Equipped with IAD (Individual Automatic Doffer).
Available in  V-shape, T-shape, M-shape yarn paths based on machine model.
False Twisting  System can be chosen on demand: Nip System or Friction System.
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