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Lawson Hemphill a TMI Group Company was founded in the year 1961 and is based in USA. The company is widely known throughout the world for developing and manufacturing precision test instruments and knitting machines for textile laboratories and quality control use. Lawson Hemphill equipment is used in more than 60 countries around the world.

Lawson Hemphill offers test instruments for all yarn producers including natural and synthetic yarns from cotton to elastomeric and polyester to carbon-glass hybrid yarns and all the combinations that are in between.
Product Range
Textured Yarn Tester (TYT)

Fibre Analysis Knitter (FAK)

Hot Draw Knitter (HDK)

The ASTM standard Dynamic measurement of Crimp and Shrinkage.
Lab Knitter that has a unique tension control system that ensures total control of tension while each and every course of yarn is knit.
Instrument that knits POY by heating and drawing it to predict how the POY will perform before it is Textured. 
Automatic Yarn Strength Tester

Entanglement / Interlace / Testers

Force Shrinkage Tester(FST)

An automatic tensile tester for high speed tenacity and elongation testing.
This system captures all yarn diameter data.
Measures statically the force and shrinkage of samples.  This is a standard for flat yarns and industrial yarns like tyre cord.
Dynamic Modulus Tester (DMT)

Constant Tension Tester (CTT)

Constant Tension Tester (CTT-E)

For instantaneous measurement of Young’s Modulus of elasticity.
A unique modular instrument which allows multiple test options to be installed on the same instrument.For measuring various properties of FDY, POY, DTY, etc.
Designed specifically for testing Elastomeric Yarns.
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