Our Valued Customers !

Inditech can offer the following machinery and equipments for the Technical Textile field:

TMT Machinery, Inc.
Industrial Yarn Spinning Plants (Polyester / Nylon) for making high tenacity yarn
Spandex Winder
Fiberglass Winder

    (For making high tenacity spandex / fibre glass yarns)
“Industrial Yarn Take-up
Machine “

Air Jet Weaving Machines
Water jet Weaving Machines
Sizing Machines

(For making tyre cord fabric / air bags,    
tents, fabric for defence applications,    
flex banners, filter fabrics etc.)    

“ZAX9100 TC Tyre Cord Weaving Machine”
Aiki Riotech Corporation
Air Texturising Machines
Carbon Fibre Pre Cursor Creel
Carbon Fibre Winders

    (For car seat fabric , heavy denier yarns, carbon fibre)
“Winder for Carbon Fibre”
    Slack & Parr Ltd.

Booster Pumps
Oligomer Transfer Pumps
Metering Pumps
Spin Finish Pumps for Industrial Yarn Spinning
Pumps for Non Woven Application & Carbon Fabric Spinning
Aramid Fibre Pumps
Spandex Pumps

Spinnerettes / Nozzles for Industrial Yarn Spinning,
Non woven Fabrics, Carbon Fibre Spinning,    
Aramid Yarn Spinning    
Hollow Fibre Nozzle for Membrane
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