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Tsudakoma Corp, Japan have established themselves among the world's top weaving loom manufacturers. They supply state-of-the-art weaving machines to over 60 countries.

Tsudakoma is the only company in the world which can offer complete solution from Warping to Weaving.
Product Range
Air Jet Looms
For Sheeting / Shirting / Furnishing
.....For Terry Weaving
.....For Tyre Cord Weaving / Carbon Fibre / Technical Textile Weaving

Water Jet Looms

Warping & Sizing Machines
Air Jet Looms
For Sheeting /Shirting /Furnishing

Offers complete flexibility in weaving high quality fabrics like sheeting, denim, shirting, furnishing, terry towels & technical textile like airbag, Tyrecord etc
For Terry
ZAX 9100 Terry - Air Jet Loom

Tsudakoma provides the ZAX9100-Terry with the "Weave Navigation System" to support excellent terry weaving & its "Versa-Terry System" realizes the stable weaving of high quality towel.
For Tyre Cord Fabric
ZAX 9100 TC

Tsudakoma has developed a high speed and energy saving machine designed specially for Tyre Cord Weaving machines based on state of art ZAX 9100. This machine can achieve high speed upto 1000 rpm with minimum air consumption.
Water Jet Looms Warping and Sizing Machines
(for Cotton / Synthetics)
ZW 408 Water Jet Loom Single End Sizing Machine
The ZW 408 was developed on the basis of experience of manufacturing more than 100,000 water jet looms.
These machines cater to complete weaving range of synthetic fabrics from simple shirting, suiting, sarees, dress material, sheer curtain etc to Technical Textiles like airbags, coated fabrics, parachutes, high altitude fabric, tents etc .
Tsudakoma have supplied nearly 2000 sizing machines in about 40 countries in the world mainly in Asia, Europe & USA
Tsudakoma offers following two models for sizing :

For cotton and spun
For filament sizing
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