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Aiki Riotech Corporation, Japan


Aiki Riotech, Japan, is a leading manufacturer in the world for various machines for synthetic fiber industry. Aiki's ATY machines can transform regular POY and FDY yarns to air textured speciality yarns with great value addition. These machines are capable of making peach skin yarns, slub yarns, differential shrinkage yarns, sportswear yarns and spun like yarns adopted by many famous sportswear brands in the world.

Main Machines

  • ATY Machines for Apparel (Polyester, Nylon, Viscose) and Heavy Denier Yarns (5 different slub devices - capable of using 2 slubs in unison for creating unique yarn)

  • Complex DTY machines for Mother Yarn, Polyester and Nylon to produce bulky, stretchable and resilient textured yarn.

  • Air Covering Machine for Spandex, Nylon and Polyester

  • Mother Yarn Splitting Machines for Monofilament Production


Technical Texiles

  • Creel Stand for PAN Precursor and Carbon Fibre

  • Winders for PAN Precursor and Carbon Fibre

  • Uni-Directional (UD) Prepreg Machine for impregnating thermoplastic or thermoset resins for Carbon, Glass, Aramid Fibres

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