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Tsudakoma Corp., Japan

tsudakoma corp.,japan-inditech

Tsudakoma Corp, Japan have established themselves among the world's top weaving loom manufacturers. They supply state-of-the-art weaving machines to over 60 countries. Tsudakoma are the only loom manufacturer in the world that can offer a complete solution from Warping to Weaving.

Weaving Machines

  • Airjet Looms (ZAXneo001) - High Speed, High-Efficiency Airjets looms capable of weaving heavy fabrics such as Denim

  • Waterjet Looms (ZW8200)

  • Airjet 'Terry' Looms for Towels

Preparatory Machines and Equipment

  • Warping Machines for a wide variety of yarns

  • Filament Sizing Machine - Single End Sizing (TSE30F)

  • Spun Sizing Machine (TT30S)

  • Creels

Technical Textiles

  • Airjet Looms for making Tyre Cord Material (ZAX9200i-TC)

  • Waterjet Looms for making Airbags, Carbon Fibre, Parachutes, and Defense Apparel (Kevlar, Aramid)

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