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TMT Machinery Inc., Japan


TMT Machinery are the pioneers for the supply of machines and technical know-how for synthetic fibre production. TMT was formed after the merger of three leading Japanese manufacturers of Spinning and Texturizing machines namely Teijin Seiki, Murata Machinery & Toray Engineering. The name TMT is derived from the initials of the three manufacturers.

Complete POY and FDY Spinning Plants


  • Complete POY Spinning Plant for Polyester (PET) and Nylon (PA6/PA66) upto 12 Ends/Position

  • FDY Spinning Plant for Polyester (PET) upto 32 Ends/Position - Proprietary 'I-Box' technology

  • FDY Spinning Plant for Nylon (PA6/PA66) upto 24 Ends/Position

Take Up Winders


  • 'ORCA' Winders for PET/PA6/PA66 POY - 4/6/8/12 Ends/Position or Twin Winding system

  • 'ATi-MANTA-II' Winders for FDY – PET (up to 32 Ends) and PA6/PA66 (up to 24 Ends)

  • 'ATi-459α' Winders for Spandex

  • 'ATi-H' Winders for Industrially Drawn Yarn

Industrially Drawn Yarn (IDY) / Technical Textiles


  • PET IDY Machine for HT(High Tenacity) - Transmission Belt, Rope, Geo-textiles

  • PET IDY Machine for LS(Low Shrinkage) and SLS(Super Low Shrinkage) Yarn - Canvas, Tarpauling, Coating Fabrics, Water Proof Cloth

  • PET IDY Machine for HSIP(High-Speed Industrial Polyester) Yarn - Rubber Reinforcement material

  • PA6/PA66 IDY Machine for HT(High Tenacity) Yarn - Tires, Conveyor Belts, Rope, Fish Nets



  • Friction and Pin Type Draw Texturizing Machines for Polyester and Nylon

  • Special High-Speed Nylon DTY machine (11dtex-77dtex)

  • Air Texturising Machine for Polyester


  • Bi-Component Yarn Spinning Machine

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