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Campen Machinery A/S, Denmark


CAMPEN Machinery A/S develops and manufactures machines and complete lines for the carpet, nonwoven and airlaid industries.

Carpet and Artificial Grass

  • Complete Backing Lines - available in Floor level or Multi-level configurations (Dryers/Stenter optional)

  • Multipurpose Coating Lines for Felt Backing (Pile Up optional), Needle Felt and Tufted Carpets

  • High-speed lines: carpet speed up to 40 m/min.

  • Foam Mixing (Manual, Semi-Auto, Full-Auto) and Dosing Systems

  • Applicators and Rollers for Coating


  • Turnkey Airlaid Systems for making Medical, Disposable Wiping, Food Handling, and Personal Care Products

  • Hammermill for Fiberization (using Fluff Pulp)

  • Forming, Bonding Machines

  • Calender and Web Cooling

  • Winding and Packaging


  • In-Line Winders (Surface, Turret and Short Roll)

  • Web Accumulator (Belt or Roller)

  • Unwinders

  • Off-Line Slitter/Rewinder (Short Roll, Surface, Center)

  • Packaging for Technical Textiles, Carpets, and Geotextiles (Heat Welding, Ultrasonic, Hot Air Blower and Shrinkage)

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